440C SS - Stainless Knife Steel

Because of its very high carbon content, 440C grade stainless knife steel is able to attain, after heat treatment, the highest hardness and wear resistance of all stainless steel alloys.

This high chromium stainless steel alloy is highly rust and corrosion resistant, while maintaining its ability to take a sharp cutting edge. It is also easier to sharpen than other grades of stainless steel, making it a better choice for industrial blades.

The staff at Carolina Knife Co. can help you decide which industrial blade material will work best for your cutting application. Our technicians will guide you in every step of the blade creation process; give us a call today!

Chemical Characteristics

Carbon 1.00%
Chromium 17.00%
Manganese 1.00%
Molybdenum 0.75%
Silicon 1.00%

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