Straight Blades

Carolina Knife Co. offers a wide range of straight industrial blades for numerous conversion industries. Some of the industries that we create stock and custom straight blades for include paper conversion, tire and rubber manufacturing, textile and nonwoven conversion, and metal and plastic processing, among others.

Our straight blades can be characterized by their shape or cutting process. Some of our industrial straight blade types include:

Guillotine Blades
Straight Shear Blades
Sheeter Blades
Mill Knives
Recycling Blades
Chopper Blades
Scraper Blades
Trimmer Blades
Roll Slitters
Bale Cutters
Cutoff Blades

We manufacture these and other straight blades for a wide variety of manufacturing equipment. Along with OEM blades we also create custom blades in the above blade types as well as blades for custom manufacturing processes.

Straight Blades for Tire and Rubber Processing and Conversion

Straight Shear Blades

Manufacturing industrial blades, including straight blades, for the tire and rubber conversion industry is one of the main focuses here at Carolina Knife Co. Some of the specific straight tire and rubber blades are shear blades, mill knives, scrapers, and more specifically the following OEM blades:

Akron Standard Knives
Alpha Spadone Knives
Fischer Blades
Carbide Tipped Blades
VMI Knives

More Straight Blade Options

For additional straight blade options, particularly metal cutting shear blades and paper trimmer blades, check out the website of our partner company Hamilton Knife and Machine located in Hamilton, Ohio.

Carolina Knife - Industrial Straight Blades